Half quarter before Sunrise..!

# he spreads the red carpet for the king of sky..!

When creator blows the rejuvenating
Breath into his creation,
When the bubbling, buzzing, chirping creatures
are filled with joyous recreation,
When the woods are waiting to welcome the starry king of the solar system,
When purity and silence prevail throughout the ecosystem.

When virtuous men are busy performing various rites,
When the independent herons are floating in the sky like the kites,
When the temples are diving in the oceanic grace of thy name,
When the learnt, discuss among themselves thy almighty fame.

That is the time when stars and moon wait for His vision, so as to disappear,
That’s the time when life on the earth looks the happier,
The half quarter before the Sunrise is when wakes up the wise,
Is the pious time when thy energy flows a  streaming ascending rise..!

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