This morning..!

Three of us met two of them, this morning;
Decided to visit the jungle, looking charming;
We paved on the way reaching the woods,
Ten feet walking together sounding like thuds..!

Midst the jungle admiring the beauty,
Enjoyed the moment forgetting every duty,
Walked on the narrow paths of the forest,
We stood and saw the woods in rest..!

Lo! there the alluring beauty on a rock,
None other than but a little flock of peacock,
They walked a very attractive gait,
To see their beauty we did wait..!

Bidding them we moved on to explore more,
Reached the waters coming out of a fixed bore,
We drank the waters blessed by nature,
None different but we are thine own creatures..!

Scaled a little height, when one got an insight,
Come, let’s sit in silence listen to nature,
Rushing waters and chirping birds,
Melody, thine hath we heard..!

Screaming peacocks in the rustling woods,
Villagers bringing home some goods,
Spent some time there in seclusion,
Returned home, again to live in delusion..!

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